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Ca Pizza Kitchen
Westfield Valley Fair, 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd #1273
Santa Clara, CA, United States

Phone: (408) 243-0081
Web Site: http://www.cpk.com/Career

Company Description:


Since we first opened our doors in 1985, our R.O.C.K. philosophy (Respect, Opportunity, Communication, Kindness) has set CPK apart from those both inside and outside our industry. It’s not just a saying we hang on the wall but something we all strive to live and breathe every day. These values allow our employees to be who they (really) are, encourage everyone to apply their passion to their role, and open the door for all to fulfill their potential and exceed their expectations within the organization.


Respect guides us as a company and as individuals to value our guests, co-workers, community, vendors and environment. We continually seek out the opinions of team members, guests, and communities to learn and enhance the CPK experience. Simply said, all voices matter, and our focus on respect ensures that all voices are heard.


Opportunity at CPK is real and tangible. Through exciting career growth and cross training, we're always looking to develop and refine our top talent to drive the business and lead others. CPK challenges its employees to learn about the business at every level. Our most talented employees are provided with opportunities to contribute in a meaningful way, to help fuel the growth of our organization.


Communication is actively encouraged at CPK. We have an open-door policy and a culture where everyone is known on a first name basis and always welcome to speak up.


Kindness defines the energy and spirit of California Pizza Kitchen. It shapes and guides how we develop, communicate, and hold each other accountable to our high standards.

We are passionate individuals committed to inspiring others by bringing California creativity to every meal.

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